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Short Film Fakebook

Based on the misuse of social networking sites, director Mandeep Dhalua came up with a short film entitled Fakebook produced by AD Cine Vision and written by the former himself. The screenplay is written by Hemanta Gogoi and script edited...

Manabendra Adhakary’s Second Film ‘Antarin’

Manabendra Adhakary’s Second Film Antarin

After the successful performance of Othello in numerous film festivals, Manabendra Adhikary has started the production of his second film Antarin.  The film under the banner of Artha Films has been directed by Monjul Baruah and has been assisted by Ghanashyam, Ronal,...

Adomya now playing in the theaters directed by Bobby Sarma Baruah

Adomya now playing in the theaters

Bobby Sarma Baruah’s Assamese film Adomya is now playing in the theaters of Assam. Adomya, released on 12th December in 16 cinema halls all over the Assam, is the story of a widowed woman named Juri, who gets HIV infected from...

When The Ice Queens Met

When The Ice Queens Met

It wasn’t the most glamorous event in the world and neither the world media was present there to capture them, but when the two legendary beauties met they created moments which will go down as historic in showbiz archives. One...