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A Mother's Ode

A Mother’s Ode

O Lord, Loved ones are precious, but it just seems you couldn’t entitle them live their life hear my prayer, my grieve! for my beloved son and heir… who left for heavenly abode too early.

Anticipating Summer

Anticipating Summer

Take a deep breath. Or perhaps, don’t.   The sun is already on  your limbs, calling forth the music flowing beneath your skin.

A Collage

A Collage

A Plethora of blending Memoir of my existence. A scent, I left behind Reflecting clean youthful exuberance,

iPooyeaus By Yuan Changming


supposing Darwin was right it did take as long as one million years before apes became what we are, gradually and passively, with the help of our environment however, with our own intelligence and technology, we are going to evolve...



When I was young, I searched for angels. I looked everywhere. At twenty, I’d given up searching. How could I know then, one winter night, the gurney ice under my dreams, that the hand rough on my forehead was an...

The Prank of an Old Man

[Story] The Prank of an Old Man | Abhijit Borah

It was during those golden days of my college life when I and four other friends of mine were dwelling in the same apartment in Bangur, Kolkata. That was probably the craziest and the biggest house I’ve ever stayed in,...

A Thoughtful Night

[Poem] A Thoughtful Night

The night sky seemed clear with millions of starts shining brightly on the backdrop of black and velvet; the occasional peeping moon did much to add to the calm that surrounded the hill atop which a single soul lay with...


[Story] Span | Emon Kalyan Dutta

Nijaan cherished the gift he got on his twenty second birthday. A Titan Orion worth five thousand rupees. A collective strike by his graduation batch-mates. Nijaan looked into the watch, a silver pointer lapping the golden dial, a smaller day...