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Keep your chin up the odds, for your antlers are no less than crown

Photography by Manik Sarna

Manik Sarna is a freelance photographer. He did his Graduation in B.sc Multimedia. In 2013, he did a photography internship in Egypt, where he travelled in different cities and wrote a booklet for promotion of tourism in Egypt. Manik Sarna...

It's faith which has kept humanity still standing...its the fate in those eyes!

Photography by Samrat Roy

Samrat Roy is an engineering student from NIT, Silchar. Photography is a part of his immense happiness and satisfaction. He says “Photography is always about the eye, the perspective. It’s about how you see the world and how able are...

10 Great Books on Photography

10 Great Books on Photography

Are you a passionate photographer and want to read some great books on photography? There are many photographers whose words are as inspiring as the photos they click. Here I have listed 10 of the best books about photography that...

Photography by Durlov Baruah

Photography by Durlov Baruah

A communication graduate with 13 years of corporate experience, Durlov Baruah (visit his blog: www.durlov.blogspot.in) currently has started his own advertising setup, TSO – The Significant Other. With keen interest in photography, film and music, Durlov decided to share some of...

10 Most Inspiring Photographic Quotes

10 Most Inspiring Photographic Quotes

Do you love photography? Do quotes inspire you? Then turn to the words of these 10 legends and masters of photography. Apart from the photographs they captured, you can learn a lot from their thoughts and that can inspire your...


Photography by Indranil Gayan

Indranil Gayan is faculty of NIIT at Nagaon. He is passionate about writing, photography, abstract paintings and classical music (specially tabla and flute). Here are few photographs taken by him…