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[Poem] Philopolis | Emon Kalyan Dutta

[Poem] Philopolis | Emon Kalyan Dutta

Beyond the horizon of furor Rests my philopolis, Where love takes tint like Sun through the day. Where a song shapes dreams Of lush spring plums. Words weave wisdom


[Poem] Bombay | Madhusmita Paul Mazumder

Bombay – Thy presence is a mirror to my dreams, To visit thee, my heart screams! Being one with thee, was all I needed, Delays galore, by and by I succeeded. Thy first sight came in a flourish,


[Poem] Akerue

My life without me, A speculum through which I see, Hermes’ lies and Thoth’s folly, An awakened flower, pleading for a bee.

Smoked Romance

[Poem] Smoked Romance

 Statutory warning – Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health. Statutory relief – Non-Smokers fall sick as well. “Mukesh was not harmed during the composition of this poem.” You made me fall in love so fast, My smoked romance with you...

Who am I?

[Poem] Who am I? | Gulam

I wander aimlessly Lost in the bedlam of life A lost voice Hidden in The eaves of darkness Lost amid cuckoo chirruping Unheard unspoken

The Last Picture of Sanity

[Poem] The Last Picture of Sanity | Rohit Roy

The Last Picture of Sanity Oh Winged Wonder, As you take flight, I peer through the window sill, My mind vanishes into this Bright Light, The last picture of sanity, A negative, A giant ball of fire, Even in darkness...