[Poem] The Dawn Of The Mortal

The Dawn Of The Mortal
The Dawn Of The Mortal

Mortality is an inherent part of all things living. Yet, despite countless religious and philosophical discourses asking men to make peace with their ultimate end, men have somehow never been able to accept the fact that they come with an expiry date.

Perhaps the discourses were halfhearted, or men lacked the power to grasp the liberating value of that knowledge. And because of the fact that it’s completely out of our own control, we have developed this deep complex towards death and its inevitability, at a conscious as well as subconscious level. And complexes are scary. It makes us do things that we don’t want to do, it makes us live a life that we don’t want to live and it plays menacing tricks with our minds. The poem that you are about to read is born out of a feeling that in order to be free, we need to defy this death complex of ours and embrace our mortality.

An enchanting Poetry without rhyme,
An alluring story without an end,
Mortals with no boundaries,
No menacing machines to mend.
Text books burnt to ashes,
Institutions rocked to the core,
Nascent ideas flow like a river,
Dogmas have been shown the door.
Shackling priers shamed in public,
Freed mongrels on the move,
No guilt caught in the crossfire,
No consummations to prove.
Melted schemes of the scared bigot,
All Closets opened with force,
The day of reckoning is here,
The discretionary tenets are coarse.
No appraisals in the new world,
Life’s book open to all,
Rejoice the freedom of the mind,
The invisible leader has learnt to crawl.
All objections defeated with reason,
Gender identity becomes obsolete,
No fear to speak out in the open,
An orgy where inklings meet.
Plain delectations come to prominence,
Nature left to its own,
No sniveling over adulterations,
No foul air to bemoan.
People work with willful gusto,
Their choices don’t lead to wars,
All misgivings evaporate with toleration,
No mortals live with scars.
Vengeful loathing restrained with love,
Avarice reformed with largesse,
Ministries guide with compassion,
No desires to retain in excess.
Vanity won over by erudition,
Life’s book open to all,
Rejoice the dawn of the mortal,
The invisible leader has learnt to crawl.

How do we define freedom? What stops us from being free? I have a deep feeling that every human desires to lead an unshackled life, and yet, it’s humans that hold the chains that shackle us. Our history is the story of violence, oppression and destruction at many levels. Why this animosity towards beings who are going to go down the same lane? I feel it all starts from Society’s desire to set rules. The founding fathers of humanity should have first laid down the founding stones of mortality. This is where I feel we erred. Our inability to deal with death has lead us to all sorts of inhuman doctrines in the name of humanity. A person, who has made peace with death, is a liberated person and such a person would never make it tough for his fellow beings to lead their lives in peace and freedom. Our religion, our politics, our education, our marriages have all been turned into shackling institutions, when they should have been liberating. The priest, the politician, the police, the friend, the foe, the teacher, the relative, the onlooker have all turned our simple lives into sad lies. And it’s all done out of hate disguised as love and protection. It further breeds more hatred and leads to a vicious cycle. Had our forefathers clearly outlined the importance of death and taught us that while we are here for a short, insignificant time, we should just help make it easy for one another and lead a fruitful and loving life, we would have evolved much faster from our barbarity and embraced freedom.

However, I see an invisible leader inside all of us, a leader who is ready to question the conventional and shun the suffocation of rules. It’s a daunting task for that leader to become visible. That leader is standing like a small stone in front of a large ocean ready to displace it with one large wave. And yet the leader stands. And the leader has learnt to crawl. It’s only a matter of time before he walks, and then he will run. He will run fast. And his speed will devour all prejudice in its path. It’s the dawn of a being that has made peace with his ultimate end and has chosen to only love while he lasts; it’s The Dawn Of The Mortal.


Dev Daniel K Gupta

Dev is an aspiring film-maker based in Mumbai. Films, Writing and Wildlife complete his existence.

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