The Forgotten Swachh Campaign

The Forgotten Swachh Campaign

With the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan being promoted tremendously on every platform possible, the idea has certainly reached many. But the point to ponder upon is whether the impact has been created. People came out with brooms cleaning a lot of streets, clicked pictures and posting them on various social platforms.

Our Respected PM Shri Narendra Modiji’s motive was probably not to just create hype and leave it at that. The vision is huge which is directed towards our future.

With reference to the context, as citizens of India, we hold the responsibility to keep our country clean. And we need to change first to change our country. The attitude for a clean India should prevail not only for a moment but in all spheres of life. Sanitation and cleanliness have struggled to make it to the top of the priority list in our country and the unworthy politicians haven’t help all that much. With this flagship initiative we can at least care for a vision.

If we need to clean our country we need to be clean. Many are comfortable with the filth around them and they don’t mind being surrounded by dirt.

When the consequences are not known to people they tend to be secure enough about the position they are in.  This is that primary behavioural change which should be brought upon by the people. The best way to achieve that is through proper education. Awareness of the facts and consequences could result in a better attitude which in turn will help the country as well.

People need to understand the hazards of a filthy state and act accordingly. As the saying goes Education starts at home, and therefore, it should always start from how Swachh we feel or act at home.

We need to hold the torch and show the path to our people first and then to the others. We need to understand that whatever we do is for the good of our future; we aren’t doing it for someone else’s benefit. This is the change we need to bring in our mindset and this can be brought about only by us.

But the question arises, what changes can a single effort bring when others simply will not cooperate. The Ugly Indian, an independent group which spread the word of cleanliness by their act and not just by words have shed all the inhibitions and flagged off to the cause without thinking of  whether co-operation will be a problem or not.

Their work has proven to be marvellous and people from different background came together and led the mission towards a better India. They work without bringing in any political, religious or monetary issues and just do what a responsible citizen has to do. The motto should be clear and the attitude should be correct. If we want a clean India, we have to step up on our own. Set an example for others. Be the torch bearer. Sooner or later, people will follow. Blame yourself for not being able to keep your country clean and the Government will show their support eventually.
Educate the people and understand the importance of a clean environment. As they say Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


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