[Poem] The Hunger For Murphy

The Hunger For Murphy
The Hunger For Murphy

Does something going wrong make us hungry for more misfortune? Is it the chance for a fight or is it the chance to give it all up? Whatever the hunger is for, it brings us closer to the biggest part of our lives – Struggle. And Murphy makes sure it comes in abundance to shake the ground beneath our feet.

Oh Murphy

I tried to pin myself down;

Hide the rashes in a secluded frown.

Unbearable fumes of burnt skin;

Unmasked by the lies of a fake grin.

In a loop runs the residue of those waves;

My thoughts running in the dark of caves.

Daunted by the compulsions of air;

Defeated soul covered by bones unfair.

The leap of logic turned to reasons broken;

I shake off the dust and yet am shaken.

Is the struggle ever over? No. As much as we desire ease in our lives, we crave struggle as well. Why? Because it brings us closer to the biggest truth of our lives – Death. It’s this common ultimatum that makes us fight, makes us appreciate the beauty of our fight and makes us roar with our chest out and defeat Murphy.

Defeating Murphy

The Hunger,

Hunger for anger;

Anger in peace,

Peace is the bite that follows the hiss;

The hiss of death,

Death is the real blessing of breath;

Breath of being obtuse,

Obtuse to the blood on knife;

The knife is the gift of life;

Empty Stomach.

And we learn to laugh and mock at Murphy and that’s the key to defeating him – An empty stomach to be filled with more hunger for a fight!


Dev Daniel K Gupta

Dev is an aspiring film-maker based in Mumbai. Films, Writing and Wildlife complete his existence.

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