[Story] The Truth In Our Hearts

The Truth In Our Hearts
The Truth In Our Hearts

Gurudev Shree Shree Allahrakha Gabriel was a much revered and worshiped figure. He had brought along a revolution in the religion and spiritual sphere in India and the World. People of all religions, castes and ethnic groups followed his every word with sincere devotion. Hindus considered him the Kalki Avatar, Muslims considered him to be their new Nabi, Christians took him to be the second son of God and Buddhists thought he was the Buddha’s avatar. The organization he founded, The Truth In Our Hearts, gave Religious discourses, taught Yoga, and had in house Astrologers, Herbal Medicine Practitioners and Spiritual Psychiatrists. They had their own press, their own TV channel and they also sold lifestyle and household products. Gurudev Allahrakha’s loyal followers bought everything that had his stamp, even the 786 tentacled ceramic Octopus that he termed as a Vastu Shui item. After he achieved enlightenment at an unknown place, Gurudev Gabriel started his journey as a preacher and a religious healer. After 35 years of glorious achievements, spreading love and hope and soothing a lot troubled souls, on the eve of his 60th Birthday, which his devotees celebrated as “The International Truth Day”, Gurudev declared that he will reveal the real meaning of life – The Ultimate Truth, the truth that will liberate every soul on Earth and become the most pertinent answer to all their questions. His devotees where filled with joy, some of them even declared that they had attained Nirvana at the very utterance of the word Truth from their Gurudev. There was extreme exhilaration and festivities. Even some World Leaders were keenly awaiting Gurudev’s life changing revelation. On the day of reckoning, Gurudev greeted his billion strong devotees from his large Spiritual Center in Alaska –

“Sisters and Brothers of Mother Earth. The truth in our hearts has always been right there inside us. We were just too scared to accept it. I am no Saint, no Nabi, and no Avatar. I am a crook, but with a sole mission to make you see reason. I have been fooling you for 35 years. I did not mean a single word I spoke. I never achieved any enlightenment. My astrologers were even bigger crooks and the items I sold in the name of God and Spirituality were useless. Why then, did I do this? I did it because I wanted to show you all that every other human who had presented himself as the messenger of God, was either a crook or just delusional. Same is the case with all my contemporaries from every organized religion on earth. There has to be a God in the first place for his messenger to have any worth. Yes, I am an atheist. But I won’t waste your time trying to explain why, because many learned men are there to make you see the truth through their knowledge. I am here to shock you. I kept on lying and you kept on making me rich. I am not a crook by profession though, and I have donated almost all my earnings to various charitable causes. I felt the welfare of animals and underprivileged humans was more important than paying you back the large amounts, which you probably would have given away to men and women hoodwinking you in the name of religion. My lies have been quiet a revelation for me as well. I was surprised to see the large number of people I actually managed to help during the past decades. Those were not miracles, those were placebos. But this is not medical science and I am not trying to sooth the nerves of a terminally ill patient. I am not trying to make the blind see. I am trying to make them understand that they are actually blind. Whether or not they wish to get an eye transplant is completely up to them. In case you still have any doubts, let me say it again – I am not a SAINT and there is no GOD.”

After his shocking revelation, the church called him the Anti-Christ, many Maulvis sanctioned Fatwas against him and the governments of many countries filed charges of fraud against him. He was put under house arrest in Ontario, Canada, where he started living with his long time friend, world famous inventor, Nissim Kaufman, who was later speculated to be his partner. 2 years later, he was shot dead by a Sikh Taxi Driver. When questioned, the murderer said, Gabriel’s fooling him was not an issue at all, as there were many other true Babas he looked up to, he was just angry that his money was wasted on animals.

Around 30 years after his death, Gabriel came to be seen as a reformist spiritual leader. Riots were reported in many parts of the world, with people from various religions claiming that Gabriel belonged to their religion. Business Schools started teaching his marketing skills and how he hard sold his products, while happily skipping the part where he ultimately gave away all his earnings to charity. Communists started using his pictures during their rallies, when he was also the author of the posthumously published book – “Why Communism is even more poisonous than Religion”.

Meanwhile, a minute section of his devotees, who were very young when he had made his revelation, actually found reason in his act, his post revelation writings and happily spent their lives sans any influence of God or Religion.


Dev Daniel K Gupta

Dev is an aspiring film-maker based in Mumbai. Films, Writing and Wildlife complete his existence.

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