The Unbreakable

The Unbreakable

I was born a female, and I have never regretted this fact. I have been brought up in a manner that makes me respect freedom of choice. But then, do we always have this freedom?

I know women who look strong, and speak strong too, but they are beaten up by their boyfriends. When I tell them to leave their brutal partners, they say they are too dependent on them, whether emotionally or otherwise, to take a step back in their relationships. I know girls who are getting married too soon. Attaining the legal marriageable age of 18 does not mean that it’s time to marry off the girls. There is more to life than just marriage – for instance, career! No one knows what life has in store, so it is very much essential that every individual becomes financially independent. How much salary one gets, or what level of job one does should not be the concern. A maid who washes utensils in someone’s house is as financially independent as another woman who is the CEO of a company.

There are women who know that their husbands are having flings, but they feel helpless because of many reasons. Sometimes it’s because they are not financially independent, sometimes the reason is to avoid public glares, and sometimes, and most importantly, to hold the integrity of the family. Whatever the reason may be, they should be brave enough to tell their husbands that they don’t like it, and that they want this to stop. There are the widows who become the centre of attraction when they wear colourful clothes, or talk to men in a friendly manner. Then there are the divorcees who are often speculated at, and the rumour mills are always fresh with news of “how the couple split”.

Girls always have to face restrictions. Some are obvious, while some are not necessary. Why should the dressing sense of any girl be the talk of the town? Why should girls be accused of tantalizing rapists? Why should girls be scolded if they come home late? And what’s their fault if they like hanging out with their guy friends?

True, the world is full of ferocious beasts who make life for women a nightmare. Which is why, girls should be careful and conscious. But being careful does not mean giving up one’s freedom. We are wise enough to know what to wear, depending upon the occasion or the place we are going to, and we love dressing up! If you think girls dress up to impress, you are wrong. Some of us love dressing up just for the sake of it! Rapists don’t rape just because they see skin, I think most of the times it’s because they want to see more skin! Now this does not mean that wearing clothes that are not revealing can make you targets of those beasts. There is no definition of what the rapist’s mind wants. They know it best, because only their horny, brutal hormones function like that. Wearing revealing clothes or not is not an issue for any rapist. A rapist might want anyone of the female species – from a 6 year old to a 60 year old. So it does not make sense if anyone cooks up theories for “what to do to avoid rape”. All one can do is be careful, alert, and make use of resources like a magazine, that can rolled up to bash up someone. A pepper spray will always be the favourite option.

As for women and children who have to face sexual harassment, they should always complain when they are forced for sex. But then some family members refuse to believe, and not everyone is lucky enough to gather proof. Still, one should always try to fight back through different means. Remember, NGOs are always there for help.

Women are trafficked from and too many parts of the world. This is a very serious issue. Red-light areas must be banned. Areas where selling women of the families is quite common should be served with other resources of money-making by the government. I don’t know if human trafficking will ever come to an end. Sometimes it really seems impossible. But still, there is always hope.

There are many other issues, and that would make a long list. From inside homes to the world outside, many women are not safe anywhere. The government should take more effective measures. Most importantly, people have to understand and made aware of how wrong it is to make life impossible for any individual. But then, that fact is that the beasts will never stop, and even if today it’s not been you, tomorrow you might have to face one of them. And so all you can do is be strong and careful. Don’t let emotions flow so much that you drown in it.

Lastly, I also know that all women are not innocent and there are the ones who love inviting trouble. To them, my advice would be: Behave like a responsible individual. We cannot be selfish. Our worlds don’t revolve only around us, but around our loved ones too.

Men and women are both equals in many aspects. There are the differences which set them apart, but both deserve equal opportunities, respect and love. The day when this is understood by all inhabitants of the planet earth, we won’t need a Women’s day to celebrate our identities. Let every day be a woman’s day! And a man’s day too!


Ruptrishna Nath

Student of media technologies, hobbyist photographer and writer. Sub-editor of Creativica (Your place will always be reserved on Creativica forever. R.I.P.).

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