Top 5 Free Twitter Bootstrap Resources

Top 5 Free Twitter Bootstrap Resources
Top 5 Free Twitter Bootstrap Resources

Twitter Bootstrap is probably the most popular front-end framework for web developers and designers. After the open source release of Twitter Bootstrap in August, 2011, it became the No.1 project on GitHub with 71,000+ stars and 26,000+ forks. The recently released stable version (3.2.0) of Bootstrap gives more preference to the mobile first projects which makes it more popular and makes it stand out among others.

Since it has become popular around the globe among developers and designers, the number of websites which provide free bootstrap resources has increased a lot. Here is a list of 5 such websites where you can get free and the best Bootstrap resources.

5. BootBundle


BootBundle, as the name suggests, is a complete bundle of free Bootstrap themes, components and snippets. It also has a premium version which contains more elegant themes and other useful and stylish Bootstrap compatible elements.

4. BootSnipp


Bootsnipp is a free Bootstrap element sharing gallery for web developers and designers. You can submit your own Bootstrap elements in it as well as download elements submitted by other developers and designers. It was launched in September 2012 as a playground and repository of Bootstrap HTML snippets.

3. BootsWatch


BootsWatch is a place for free Bootstrap themes compatible with both newer and older versions of Bootstrap. All themes are classy and very easy to install. All we need to do is download a CSS file and replace the one in Bootstrap.

2. BootstrapZero


BootstrapZero is a huge collection of free Bootstrap themes and templates. It provides startup to advanced templates and themes which you can download without spending a penny and can use them in various commercial and non-commercial projects.

1. Bootstrap


Well, finally my best solution to get fluent with Bootstrap and its free resources is its own website ( The documentation of Bootstrap is really very powerful and easy to understand for all kinds of designers and developers. It provides code snippets along with the descriptions of that particular component. Bootstrap’s latest version’s documentation also provides the copy button above the code snippets, so that you can copy the whole snippet in one click and paste them directly in your project files.


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