Upcoming Assamese artist Prayash Majumdar’s debut album Fearless (Nirbhoy)

Nirbhoy - Poster
Nirbhoy - Poster

Fearless (Nirbhoy), an album containing twelve songs sung by youngster Prayash Majumdar, grandson of veteran singer Sudakshina Sarma and late singer Dilip Sarma, was released by singer-educationist Lakhyahira Das at the Guwahati Press Club recently amidst an august gathering, also comprising of artistes like Nikunjalata Mahanta, Kula Barua, Sudakshina Sarma, Manisha Hazarika, Kirti Kamal Bhuyan and Kaustavmoni Saikia.

Emerging into the world of music with some “socially conscious” songs, instead of the usual entertainment-centric numbers, Prayash’s album “Fearless (Nirbhoy)”, has been much appreciated.

Nirbhoy - Music Release

Nirbhoy – Music Release

Son of writer-professor Paramananda Majumdar and Rijushree Sarma Majumdar, Prayash forayed into singing by lending his voice to the song “Rajpoth hol tejor noi” written by his father to protest against the Ganeshguri blasts of October 30, 2008. That was the turning point in his singing career. The album, second from the Chiraxeuj production, is dedicated to the memory of late singer Dilip Sarma and contains lyrics by Syed Abdul Mallik, Hiren Bhattacharyya, Nirmal Prabha Bordoloi, Nabakanta Barua, Kirti Kamal Bhuyan and Kaustavmoni Saikia, besides four by his father and two by himself.


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