Who am I? Web Designer or Web Developer?

Who am I Web Designer or Web Developer

I am a Web Designer…no! I am a web developer…yes! Does it sounds good or shall I use the term Webmaster?

For web professionals there are dozens of job titles to highlight their profile and to attract the recruiters. But if you made a wrong choice, you may end up with a career that actually is not your cup of tea.

Confusions in choosing the right job title to describe their own capability is always a matter of nightmare for young professionals, and to shed light on this confusion, I am describing some most common job profiles related to web industry, their responsibilities and required skills.

Web Designer

Web designer is a person whose main job responsibility is to design the interface of website. He prepares layout of the sites, plays with color combinations, works with images and animated graphics. He should be expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, image editing tools like Photoshop, Flash animation and gif image creation tools.

Web Developer

He is the person who do not play vital role in layout preparation and color selection of the website. A web developer’s main responsibility is to code the business logic or domain logic for the website. His expertise should include PHP, ASP.Net, Java, SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, Ajax, Query, XML, HTML and CSS.

Web Master

Web master is a person who maintains the web server. He must have knowledge of server management. He should be familiar with Windows or Linux server administration including installation, configuration and maintenance of Apache, IIS, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PHP, DNS, CPanel, WHM, etc.

Web Writer

Web Writer’s job responsibility is writing and editing website content. He should have knowledge of HTML, CSS and good command over English or any other regional languages.


Most freelancers are equipped with all of the above skills as they work independently for their customers. They may be good at development or designing but to meet their customers’ requirements and to be really good at their own job they have to do all the above jobs including maintenance of server.

These are some most common job profiles related to web industry. Expertise and skills required for job in web industry may vary depending upon job profile you choose, project you are working on and your company norms. But whatever may be your required job profile, you should always stay updated with recent trends in that field. No one can become a master in all the technologies and languages, but now days it’s better to be familiar with all well known languages and technologies available in the market. Being a fresher you can’t stick to a single platform unless you gain lots of expertise in that particular platform. The world of IT is rapidly changing and the one who can adapt to new technologies can only survive in this changing world. You can’t stay too much isolated with the knowledge you already mastered. An all-rounder is always preferred by employers. A common thinking for the person who hires you is “If you can design you can code too and If you can code then you can maintain the web server also” Again I am not saying anyone to master all the technologies, but you should at least have the knowledge of most common and latest technologies so that you can survive in this rapidly changing IT world.


Manas Sarkar

An IT Security enthusiast, Red-Hat certified Engineer and a web developer with 8 years of development experience, currently working as a System Analyst.

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