Why The Usual, Try Unusual!

Why The Usual, Try Unusual!

“Don’t walk like that, don’t shuffle your feet…that’s not how a woman is supposed to walk.” 

“You don’t know how to cook?! Being a woman, that’s a shame!”

“Your room is so messy! Come on, you are not a guy, you are a woman!”

Aaaaaarrghh…OKAY! I got it, I know, I am a woman! I belong to the female species of human beings. I know that. So very well. But must I follow so many restrictions to seem like the stereotypical image of woman this society has created?! So not cool!

I don’t like it…the way a guy can do all sorts of things, and a girl can’t. I know nature does not allow us a lot of things, for example roaming around in the night because there are barbarians everywhere whose sole intention is to dig into the flesh of girls, and make their lives a nightmare for lifetime. I hate the way we have to be scared of such cheap life forms!

Now-a-days it’s getting difficult to decide whether to work in a certain with certain place or not. Why? Because some of them ask for favours. Because some of them will let you work only because you look so attractive. Or because he/she thinks that you are “easily available”. Why? Because we are just being friendly. And they like to imagine that we want are game for anything “exciting”. And the media and entertainment industry is considered to be full of such people. And I am trying to make a mark there. Phew….GOD, be my saviour!

I bet many of you girls reading this have had experiences of particular people touching you unnecessarily. Trust me, if you don’t like it, learn to shove off those filthy hands. Or stamp on those dirty feet. Or whatever! But learn to get your message across.

One thing that has never made sense to me is “marriageable age”.  Some people I know keep asking me when my elder sister is getting married. My answer: her prime concern is to study and get established first. And that is what my concern is, as well. I believe marriage is not just about getting married in the right time. What’s more important is getting married when you are ready for it. As far as I feel right now, I want to get married when I reach the age of 30 or 31. Some girls laugh at me when I say this. They say: you will be too old to marry. I don’ think so. After all these years of studying and struggling, I have some dreams and I want to spend some years of my life without the responsibility of one more family. Life is not just about marriage. Or about maintaining a family, or raising kids! Life has more to it! After I get settled in the kind of work I have wanted to do, I want to give myself a break. Like any other student who is concerned about studies and also as a person who has the habit of panicking at the slightest spark of tension, I know that I have lots more to face and after I reach a phase when I will feel a bit settled and satisfied, I will definitely want a break! One should love oneself and we should do stuff to make ourselves happy. In a way, we should reward ourselves. And this is how I wish to reward myself – by taking every major step in my life only when I am ready. Whether it be marriage, or kids. And anyway, many people get married in their 30s now-a-days! Even in their 40s sometimes…I think I have heard so! And I am not referring to divorcees!

Anyway, I will learn how to cook, and I am planning to start sometime soon. I promise myself to be more disciplined. About the “walking” thing, that’s not about me. That is something a friend of mine gets to hear all the time. We should all learn to responsible people, but it is time that we do not think about anything just like a stereotypical woman. We should learn to live life to the fullest and not corner ourselves to the four walls of the homes which house our families. While being responsible, learn to fulfill the smallest of your wishes too!


Ruptrishna Nath

Student of media technologies, hobbyist photographer and writer. Sub-editor of Creativica (Your place will always be reserved on Creativica forever. R.I.P.).

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