10 Awesome facts about PHP

10 Awesome facts about PHP
10 Awesome facts about PHP

PHP is an extraordinary language. Almost everything can be conceivable utilizing it and it is not quite so hard as other programming languages to learn. There is a whole bunch of technical facts about PHP. Here, however, you will discover a few of the historical facts since its beginning to the present.

So here are the 10 facts of PHP

1. PHP was created and designed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

2. At the beginning, PHP stood for Personal Home Page but now it is the recursive backronym of Hypertext Preprocessor.

3. The PHP mascot was created by Vincent Pontier (aka Elroubio).

4. PHP can be run on almost every operating system and platform and it is mostly influenced by Perl, C, C++, Java and Tcl.

5. As the lead maker Rasmus Lerdorf specified, he never intended to plan a programming language. He just kept adding the next logical step and within a short time a developer group formed and after the few beta testings, they launched the official PHP version in 1997.

6. There exists no written specifications or standards for PHP.

7. More than 244 million websites and 2 million web servers uses PHP.

8. Few famous websites who are using PHP – Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Twitter, Yahoo, Flickr, etc.

9. PHP 5 was released in 2004, powered by Zend Engine II.

10. Starting in 2014, work is underway on another major PHP version named PHP There was some debate in respect to whether the following version of PHP was to be called PHP 6 or PHP.


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