11th Annual Brajanath Sharma Memorial Inter-State Drama Festival

11th Annual Brajanath Sharma Memorial Inter-State Drama Festival

Like every year, this year also the Annual Brajanath Sharma Memorial Drama Festival by well-known amateur theatre group Samahar Natya Gosthee will be held for the 11th year from 9th to 15th September 2017, at Rabindra Bhawan in the city.

On this occasion, Drama Festival Committee President Mr. Lalit Sarma said: “We are very happy to formally announce the program of the festival. During the last ten years, this Festival has become a very important and landmark cultural event of the state. Now, it is a big responsibility on our shoulder to make it a grand success every year.”

Since 2007, Samahar has been organizing this annual theatre extravaganza in the hallowed memory of Brajanath Sharma, – the father of Assamese moving (mobile) theatre. He was the pioneer of modern Assamese theatre and had first brought women on the stage to introduce co-acting in the state in 1933. Sharma, the unique firebrand freedom fighter, had destroyed and set ablaze the British aerodrome at Bornagar, Sarbhog police station, post office etc on 26th August 1942.

The program for the 11th edition of the Festival has been finalized and the schedule is as follows –

9th September – 6:00 pm – Inauguration ceremony of the Festival. The lamp will be lit by Brajanath Sharma’s daughter Ms. Nirmala Mishra and granddaughter Ms. Neelakshi Mishra Sharma. The Festival will be inaugurated by the former pro-vice chancellor of Tezpur University, Lyricist, Poet, and Actor Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury, while the Souvenir will be released by the Professor Emeritus of Gauhati University and writer Dr. Khanin Chowdhury.
The short ceremony will be followed by the play ‘Chan 2200’ of Natyam from Puranigudam. The playwright is Jayanta K Bora and its director is Anjan Bhuyan. The play speaks about how the machine is gradually going to be the inherent part of human life vis-à-vis eroding human values. In the year 2200 how much of human life will be controlled by the machine and what will be the quantum of space for human values has been nicely showcased by the play.

10th September – 4:30 pm & 6:45 pm (Two Shows) – Samahar Natya Gosthee will stage their new play ‘PIL-99’, written and directed by Dr. Sitanath Lahkar. The drama highlights rampant corruption even in the name of drinking water and poignantly presents how the verdict of the people’s legal battle is stalled by the powers that be.

11th September – 6:30 pm – Guwahati based ‘Prayas’ will present ‘Oposriyomaan’. The playwright and the director of the play are Uddipta Kr. Bhattacharyya and Rituparna Kalita respectively. The play depicts unimaginable misery of the people caused by devastating flood, which is further aggravated due to the political game smeared with corruption and yellow journalism of a section of media. The drama ends with a hope of changed democratic and egalitarian society.

12th September – 6:30 pm – ‘Shabda’ of Jorhat will stage ‘Bodhidrumar Chaya’ Written and directed by Ujjwal Paogam. The play shows how a true freedom fighter after having braved a number of battles against terrorism, casteism etc. keeps the banner of logic and honesty flying high.

13th September – 6:30 pm – Samahar will perform their well-applauded play ‘Charbak’ written and directed by Dr. Sitanath Lahkar. The play runs on the Charbak philosophy and its stiff opposition by the then powers that be. The breath-taking debate on the existence of ‘Soul’ coupled with inhuman casteism makes the play thought provoking.

14th September – 6:30 pm – Anvarat Theatre Group of Delhi will stage their play ‘Saryu Parar Monalisa’ written by Dhanjit Kakati and directed by Richa Tiwari. The theme of the play is the all round exploitation of the poor helpless villagers by the powerful high caste lobby of the village.

15th September – 6:30 pm – Little Drama Group of Udaipur (Tripura), will present their play “Antopurer Latar Kotha” written by Malay Bhowmik and directed by Ranjit Goswami. The touchy portray of farmers’ society devastated by inhuman exploitation and torture from times immemorial structures the play. Vowed united protest against exploitation is what may be termed as the strong message of the play.

It is worth mentioning here that every performance (of play) will be followed by a freewheeling interaction between the playwright/director and the spectators.

We hope, the Festival like yester years, will become a huge success this year too and help create an atmosphere of an alternative theatre movement in Assam.


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