3 Apps that Can Help You Earn Some Extra Money

3 Apps that Can Help You Earn Some Extra Money

Nowadays you find an app for almost everything – even apps that can help you earn money! Indian outreaches are limited to assuming that one can only earn free recharges by downloading apps but such exists which help you manage your finances and time. Although lots of app doesn’t work in India but here we have discovered three apps that work just fine. If you find this hard to believe, maybe it’s time for you to take a look at these apps. 

Foap  – The app for the photographers



 Download this app and make money by taking photos and selling them to interested buyers in the Foap marketplace. Foap has clients all over the world, which includes giants such as MasterCard, Volvo and the Sony Entertainment Network. Since one can charge as much as they like for their photos, their earning potentials are only limited by their creativity! 

App Trailers – Just watch to earn?

App Trailers

App Trailers

You can get paid for watching 30-40 second video trailers featuring new apps, and even earn extra by downloading them. 

Perk TV – This is it!

Perk TV

Perk TV

You can use this app to earn money in a number of ways. You can earn money by watching TV, searching the web (using the Perk web browser), or playing trivia on your phone. You can also earn huge points by buying something on Perk Shopping. Points can be converted to cash, gift cards from Amazon and Paytm. 

Try one of these and leave us a comment about your experience. Have Fun! 

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