7 ideal Gifts for Photographers

Camera lens mug

Hello readers! In special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries which come once in a year, we are often confused about what kind of gifts we should get for our photographer friends. But now don’t worry about it! Here is a list of 7 gift ideas to help you solve your confusion. Check out the list below:

1. Customised T-shirts

Personalising t-shirts has become quite a hit in recent times. You can use photographs shot by your shutterbug friends, an image of their favourite camera, or maybe even their favourite quote on the t-shirt. Imagine how pleased your friend would be with a personalised tee! These t-shirts can become some of the best conversation starters.

Customised T-shirts

2. Memory card holder

Since memory cards are so small, most photographers (specially the ones who have a habit of forgetting) sometimes lose track of them. To help such photographers, why not gift them a memory card holder? If you are feeling extra generous, you can gift them memory cards of various capacities.

memory card holder

3. A Lomo camera

Vintage photography never seemed better than with a lomography camera. There are some very unique lomography cameras available, for various kinds of images you can make. You can also gift your friends films that they can use for their cameras!

lomo camera

4. A Pro Account on Flickr

Photographers who are active on the image sharing website Flickr will really appreciate a Pro account. With a Pro account of the website, one does not have any restriction on image and video uploads due to unlimited storage, and other advantages. A pro account lasts for an entire year, so this can be a yearly gift.

flickr pro account

5. Funky Camera Straps

Increase your photographer friend’s coolness quotient by presenting him/her with colourful camera straps. If you are good with painting, you can event paint them yourself using colours and designs you know they will like.

funky camera strap

6. Bokeh Filters

Photographers will love bokeh filters that they can use for interesting effects. First, get a black chart paper and cut circles according to a lens’ diameter. Then, stencil shapes like hearts, stars, and airplanes, including even random squiggles on the very centre and cut them. The bokeh filters are ready!

Bokeh filters

7. Camera Lens Mug

If your friend is a gear enthusiast, and a lover of hot beverages, you could gift them a camera lens mug. They look exactly like a camera’s lens, except you can use it for drinking coffee! These are available for Canon and Nikon mounts.

Camera lens mug    


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Abhijit Roy

Student of Film Editing at RGFTI. Co-founder of Creativica.

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