An exclusive interview with Madhusmita Borkotoki

Madhusmita Borkotoki

Madhusmita Borkotoki, a well known name in our Assamese film industry and media. She is a beautiful actress as well as anchor with many well appreciated films and popular TV shows. She started her career as an anchor and now showing her ability and passion through the films. During this conversation with our reporter Prasenjit, she shared many beautiful moments of her life and about her new upcoming projects.

Hello Madhusmita, Creativica welcomes you.

Thank you for having me here.

Well, Madhusmita you started your career by anchoring and with time you tested your luck in cinema and you have achieved a ‘status’ in this industry, how was the overall journey which you witnessed here?

Well yes, I started my career as an anchor and I also acted in a serial called Buwari in Doordarshan and as you asked me about anchoring, well my first show Cinema Cinema was a hit and a popular show in NETV. My work was appreciated by all and during that period Mr. Pradyut Kumar Deka offered me my first break in his film Samiran Baruah Ahi Ase as a heroine opposite Mr. Tapan Das, it was a huge break for my career and I will even say leading to much wider aspect of my career.

Tell us about the Madhusmita who was a girl from Hojai finally climbing the ladder of success after her performance and positive attitude towards the glamour world?

(laughs) See I am a girl from a very small town Hojai in Nagaon District, I was brought up in a very casual way in middle class family with some dreams to confront and its due to my home town Hojai and its people who appreciated me since I was a student, they loved me so much and my work that they boosted me up to look forward in this acting and glamour world, though, they had a fear as I am a girl and whether I could cope up the situation or not, but they had the belief that I can genuinely manage these situations and  overcome all aspects. I want to share some moments with Creativica. In the year 1997-98, I hosted my first show as an anchor for a stage show Boogie-Woogie in Hojai, that was my first show as a host and Mr. Suraj Singh who guided me so much while doing that show, he was just like an elder brother to me who made me to look much forward in this field and also boosted my morale, I had a fear whether I could be able to do or not, but I managed (laughs) those are my golden moments of my life.

Basically you are an inborn on screen performer? How will you state that?

(Laughs) When I was a school going girl, I was much focused and interested in singing, anchoring rather than sparing a time for any sports, from very early school days I was much interested in working for TV programs in front of the camera (laughs), and when I was at class 5, my world was different as you know many of us replicates a star figure in themselves whom they try to follow but this Madhusmita is a different one (giggles). I had none, and I had a self made belief that I will myself be a star one day and will be liked by everyone(laughs). 

As an actress what kind of role you prefer to do in a film?

Hmm… the characters which I already played in my past films are good, but I am yet to get a dream character and a dream role in my film career which I want to remembered forever (giggles). 

Few snaps of actress Madhusmita

You’ve worked in both field cinema and serial, how will you differentiate this both field as a profession?

Well, for an actor cinema remains the initial part, for me cinema is something which creates an impact in audience’s mind and it remains for a long duration, coming to serial, it’s a daily soap but it doesn’t creates an impact much, if you have noticed that the serials are hit these days but they won’t be a lifelong creation, that’s why I prefer cinema, they are more conceptual.

Recently, Diganta Hazarika made his debut in daily soap called ‘Everest’, did you received any offers from producers to work in any upcoming national serials?

Ya, that’s true he is a good co-star of mine and I wish him all the success and I hope he makes our Assam a proud region. But for me, I haven’t received any offer from national level serial.

Samiran Baruah Ahi Ase was selected for Kolkata International Film Festival. How did felt this achievement?

That was a big moment for me, though I couldn’t attend the Festival at Kolkata, but I was really honored for my role in that film, and it’s a great achievement for any new comer whose career starts critically with a positive note and when one receives good compliment from audiences and most important part is when you receive good compliments from critics (giggles). 

You worked in A Weekend, Samiran Baruah Ahi Ase, Borokhi, what are your future projects in the coming days ?

My upcoming movie is M. Maniram’s Xondhikhyon which is an art movie and I have lots of hope from it, and this is going to be the first film in the history which will be premiered in TV. Date for the release is yet not fixed, but the team and production house is suppose to release it by April this year. Further I am also shooting for some more projects (giggles).

How will you describe the film situation in this industry where you find less people are aware of Assamese films and its production?

I think that the public should be more aware of this form of art, I see many of these arts are being disrespected due to which the attire is losing its ground, nowadays public are more interested to entertainment which creates more painful situation for actors because their work is not judged properly and the hard work gets wasted. My only hope and desire is people should go and see our work which needs a lots of dedication. Film has many core aspects, they are not only for entertainment purpose; it may contain messages for the life and society. 

What is your thought about the newcomers who are coming to this industry?

It feels good when you see your work is appreciated, I myself also a newcomer (Laughs). But I feel very bad because I have seen people coming to this field and leaving it halfway after working for few years. I will only suggest to those newcomers or who are trying to come into this industry, remember that you need to do really hard work, only your hard work can make your destiny.

Are you working for any mobile theater this year? 

No, not really this year, but I do appreciate theater and I have been getting  many offers from good  theater productions for the last two years, but the dream character which I want to perform is missing, and after all my focus is in cinema (laughs).

And the final question, do you have any plans for working in Bollywood or moving to Mumbai for any projects?

(Laughs) No, presently I don’t have any plan to move to Bollywood, but I do feel that film as an art is much being appreciated in Tollywood, and I would love to work in Tollywood. But yes everyone has a dream to go Mumbai, and if I am blessed then surely one day people might see me in Bollywood (laughs again).


Prasenjit Deb

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