Author: Dev Daniel K Gupta

Dying Illusions

[Poem] Dying Illusions

It’s a gloomy cloudy day; I run with all my might, There’s a Dinosaur behind me, She says everything is alright. I search for a compassionate face; The ants have closed shop, They say look even deeper, Find the first...


[Poem] Akerue

My life without me, A speculum through which I see, Hermes’ lies and Thoth’s folly, An awakened flower, pleading for a bee.

The Art Of Being Confused

“Don’t be afraid to be confused.” said George Saunders. And confusion here isn’t synonymous with indecision. Confusion means Curiosity and Curiosity means Questions. I have always believed that the biggest advantage of being a human is our ability to question....

Smoked Romance

[Poem] Smoked Romance

 Statutory warning – Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health. Statutory relief – Non-Smokers fall sick as well. “Mukesh was not harmed during the composition of this poem.” You made me fall in love so fast, My smoked romance with you...

The Dawn Of The Mortal

[Poem] The Dawn Of The Mortal

Mortality is an inherent part of all things living. Yet, despite countless religious and philosophical discourses asking men to make peace with their ultimate end, men have somehow never been able to accept the fact that they come with an...

The Masters of Cinema

The Masters of Cinema

Art is an integral part of human life. And Cinema is the culmination of all art forms ever invented by men. It’s a relatively new art form and very few can disagree with the fact that the last century has...

Kaufman’s LIE

[Story] Kaufman’s LIE

6th November 2028 Reporter – How did you get the idea of LIE ? Nissim – It started as a nagging germ inside my brain. I wanted to stay connected to my great-grandfather… Agastya Kaur was the biggest name in...