Author: Nilotpal Singha

Learn CSS3 Text Shadow in Three Steps

Learn CSS3 Text Shadow in Three Steps

The text-shadow property is an amazing feature of CSS. It was introduced in CSS version 2.0 (i.e. CSS2) but removed from the version 2.1 because none of the browsers added the text-shadow rendering feature into them. Later on, in CSS...

photoshop batch processing

How to Setup Batch Processing in Photoshop

Batch Processing is really an amazing feature of Photoshop. It is fully an automated process once you set it up properly. Batch processing is actually used on large numbers of files while you need to do a specific kind of...

How to create Photoshop Action

How to create Photoshop Action

Actions are like recorders. It can record each and every keystroke you use within Photoshop. First and foremost, it is a time saver feature. Though there are many other time saver features (e.g. Image Processor Script, Auto Color, Auto Tone,...

Free psd Misc Pixel UI Icon Set

5 Sets of Free Glyphs Icon for Web Designers

Most designers ignore the icons in their designs. I’m not saying it is wrong, but as we all know, a picture says a thousand words. And therefore, when you add icons in to your designs, the visitors gets more engaged....