Author: Ruptrishna Nath

The Mary Kom

The Magnificent Mary Kom

Last year, while I was in Shillong, I remember watching a procession on the streets of Laitumkhrah; it was for the occasion of Mother Mary feast. There she was – the divine Mother Mary’s figurine being led from one corner...

Why The Usual, Try Unusual!

Why The Usual, Try Unusual!

“Don’t walk like that, don’t shuffle your feet…that’s not how a woman is supposed to walk.”  “You don’t know how to cook?! Being a woman, that’s a shame!” “Your room is so messy! Come on, you are not a guy,...

B-deshi Poster

Song Release: B-deshi by Axl Hazarika

Art forms are used as a reflection of one’s opinions and feelings. And one of the most popular medium is Music. Music speaks of love, music speaks of sorrow. It expresses vengeance, and it spreads news and views. And then...

The Unbreakable

The Unbreakable

I was born a female, and I have never regretted this fact. I have been brought up in a manner that makes me respect freedom of choice. But then, do we always have this freedom?

An intermediate stage drawing of Bhupen Hazarika

Anil C. Thakuria: A Passionate Artist

Introduction Anil C. Thakuria was born and grew up in a small village near Chhaygaon in south Kamrup. Since his childhood he always liked drawing and sometimes, painting as well. His father was a very versatile person with interests in...