Do you want to write for us or want to be a contributor? Absolutely you can, just read the criteria bellow, download the Authorship Form and mail back the filled up form to us.

For being an author of Creativica you must have to fulfil the criteria mentioned below

  • You can write article, news, tutorial, tips on bellow categories. The categories are as follows:
    • Film & Music
    • Photography
    • Painting
    • Graphics
    • Web
    • Literature (Poem, Short Story, Article)
  • We only accept soft copies of written articles.
  • Every article must be genuine and should not have already been published elsewhere, whether it is online or offline.
  • Every article should contain a minimum of 400 words, except those dedicated to “Literature” category.
  • The language of the articles must be in English including literature.
  • You are bound to deliver a minimum of one article within a month.
  • You are liable for any legal issue of your own articles.
  • You have to send a brief on yourself (in 2-3 lines, include your name and location and what kind of work you do or have done, what kind of studies you are pursuing/have pursued, your passion, achievements, etc) along with a copy of your profile photo.
  • You have to give your personal contact details (will not be shown publicly), e.g. email, personal phone number, permanent residential address.
  • After your submission of article(s), you are giving us the authority to edit it (if needed) and make the necessary corrections.
  • No submission will be paid.
  • We reserve the right of rejecting article(s) if it doesn’t meet our basic criteria.
  • If your contribution is selected, you grant us the right to post it on our social media profile pages or on other sites in our network. You will not be robbed of your credits.

Download Authorship Form