Bobby Sarma Baruah and her latest venture – Sonar Baran Pakhi (The Golden Wing)

Sonar Baran Pakhi
Sonar Baran Pakhi

Showbiz was once considered a male-dominated industry then, but the myth has been fragmented by woman’s creativity that has aced the craft of film-making. Since the inception of cinema, women have explored the profound field of film direction and Fatima Begum being the first female director of Indian cinema has set a contemporary splash in the mainstream for many like her and opens up a wide vista leaving an impression in every creative field. Now, they are determined and creative people who have refined the demarcation line of grand showmanship and offbeat scripts and revolutionized in and out to fabricate the reel domains of real Renaissance.

Bobby Sarma Baruah - Director

Bobby Sarma Baruah – Director

The Assamese film industry has also seen unfolding of many women film directors whose work has been among the sensitive subject like powerful indictment of social, political subjects, women centric issues etc and have been admired both commercially and critically. One such female director whose craft has been highly applauded is Bobby Sarma Baruah. She had followed her counterpart’s path and dons the director’s hat transforming the silvers of true life into celluloid magic. She had savoured the fruitiness of success with her very first film, “Adomya” based on the issue of AIDS. The film manages to grab attention from viewers globally and also has received critical acclaim and honours from critics and Film Festivals (More than 15 official selection in Film Festivals) respectively. Now, she is back with yet another venture whose content is biographical with an essence of strong visionary narration, “Sonar Baran Pakhi (The Golden Wing)” which is a Rajbangshi feature film.

Sonar Baran Pakhi portrays the life of the legendary Goalpariya Folk singer of Assam, Late Padmashree Pratima Barua Pandey (1934 –2002). Her prolific life has been immortalized on big screen with due efforts of film director, Bobby Sarma Baruah and her team. Her innovational yet mystique life always fascinates Bobby Sarma Baruah. Belonging from a royal family to mingling with mahouts (elephant drivers), moishals (buffalo boys) and naworias (river boatmen) in a rural ambiance, her life has a lot to learn from. And this led the biopic in  a feature-length happen sketching her illustrious works of life.  Delineating the lively spirit life of Late Pratima Baruah Pandey popularly known as “Hastir Kanya” (daughter of elephants), director takes the liberty of audacity in showing genuinity of odds and evens of artist’s life during her journey in becoming a legendary Goalpariya Folk Singer of Assam. It was her pioneering efforts that popularized Goalpariya Folk Songs and brought it to wide acceptance and national recognition. Due to her down to earth trait nature, she is still loved by her admirers and her songs, “Hastir Kanya” and “Mur Mahut Bandhure” still considers to be among the popular soul-stirring folk songs. Three stages of Baruah-Pandey’s life will be shown in the film acted by Child Artist, Sushmita Ray. The second phase (19-45 years) will be played by Pranami Barua who plays the artist’s major chunk of life with an epitome of poise, fearless, carefree attitude and spiritedness which is something to admire of. Arati Baruah will play the artist’s latter life. All the characters are well crafted. Other include Pranjal Saikia (Father of Baruah-Pandey), Kamal Priya Ray, Nilim Chetia, Nilimoy Pradhani, Dipika Bhakat, Sonali Ray, many local artists from Gauripur & Kolkata etc provide a stellar ensemble cast and each of the Actors are great all round. 

The film is produced by Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation Ltd. in association with Basanta-Bobby’s BB Entertainment Private Ltd. The Creative & Techinical personals on board are Avijit Nandy (Cinematography), Ratul deka (Editing), Debajit Gayan (Sound design & mixing), Jiten Sarma, Bobby Sarma Baruah & Bhaskar Jyoti Das (Script), Bobby Sarma Baruah & Bhaskar Jyoti Das (Screenplay), Sourav Mahanta (Background score), Phatik Baruah (Production Design), Shanku Baruah (Make-up), Gita Rani Goswami (Costume Designer) & Diganta Khaund (Colorist). All the departments etc are all up to par catapulting the movie to a greater realism. The shooting locations include Kolkata (Pratima Barua Pandey’s Birth Place) , Gauripur, Guwahati and Manas National Park. The film is already in news for getting selected for Prestigious 18th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival 2016 & 15th Dhaka International Film Festival 2017.           

Sonar Boron Pakhi tells the untold beauty of realism and emotions of Pratima Barua Pandey who was an exponent of Goalpariya Lokogeet. The entire team has worked very hard to churn out a meaningful piece of cinema true to their form. The film will soon hit the theatres and now doing film festival roundups. A blend of thought provoking script, touching acting prowess and outstanding direction all in one will surely entice yearn for engrossment in cinematic experience and enrapture its audience.


Arindam Barooah

Arindam Barooah is from Duliajan and presently lives in Guwahati for the purpose of work. He is an avid reader and an aspiring filmmaker who wants to shape dreams into reality.

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