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The book titled ‘The Rainbow Chaser’ by Jitendra Deka published under Pratishruti Prakashan is another contribution to the world of Assamese and English literature. The book is an assemblage of sixteen short stories, based on various timelines- starting from the mid 90s to till date, where the author wants to portray the lives of common Assamese lives. Written by a young dynamic Writer and an Engineer by profession, Jitendra Deka writings have an evocative and stirring style of approach. Elements of Social rectification & humanitarian minds have always intrigued him and thus ‘The Rainbow Chaser’ came into being. The stories reflect the current ongoing scenario of the society and its milieu, in an articulate and emblematic approach.

 Most of the stories have a societal tune amidst love and pain. It gives a substance to life. He has tried to put on the view the resemblance between the companionship of nature and humanity. Stories like ‘The Rainbow Chaser’ depicts the life of a girl, where she struggled hard to get back to her ‘Rainbow Chasing Days’, i.e.; her glorious childhood, which was devastated by terrors. On the other hand, the story ‘Selection Day’ portrays the life of a teenager in lower Assam, who was kidnapped by ULFA soon after he was selected for Ranji Trophy team to represent Assam. In the story titled ‘Subansiri’, the author, also being an engineer portrays the ongoing disputes between the government and many organizations. With ‘Manikut’, the author once again brings forth the issue of Barpeta Kirtan Ghar, where women are not allowed to enter. And stories like Memories of Loss, Pagladia, Sweetheart are meant to express the beauty of lost love. All these stories with an unconventional theme all together engulf each one of us bounded to envisage and arouse curiosity. It resonates the writer’s endearment and spiritedness contribution for the welfare of people in the context of Socio-Cultural-Political spheres yet being deeply rooted in its soil, love, and heritage.

Coming to the writing part, stories are dime and dozen, but only some of them can be catapulted the popularity with its unique content and caliber of writing. Each of the stories is different from one another. Be its content, style of narration and but it connects and goes with the same motif and matter. The language of the book is written in an easy flow contemporary fashion. The best part of the book lies in the simplicity and lucidity of the words evoked from author’s emotions. The book is written for people from all walks of life not being limited particularly to a specified zone of people.

The writer through his book gambles with every element of love, rustic flavor, humanity, romance, politics, lost love etc in an eloquent & coherent manner. He makes a reader feel the agony, emotions, ecstasy, and readers accept and embrace it as one of their favorites. The plot, being simple is spellbinding and offers enough of fun. The book is certainly a good read and readers can encapsulate the essence of surrounding ingredients through the words and writings of Jitendra Deka.


Arindam Barooah

Arindam Barooah is from Duliajan and presently lives in Guwahati for the purpose of work. He is an avid reader and an aspiring filmmaker who wants to shape dreams into reality.

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