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The Masters of Cinema

The Masters of Cinema

Art is an integral part of human life. And Cinema is the culmination of all art forms ever invented by men. It’s a relatively new art form and very few can disagree with the fact that the last century has...

Oscar Predictions 2014

Oscar Predictions 2014

Finally, the Oscars are here, and again, the excitement is unparalleled! 2013 saw a parade of great releases ranging from drama, history, action, sci-fi to horror. But only a precious few made it to the list of nominations. We, at...

Oscar Predictions 2014

Oscars – We Got it Right!

On 1st March, 2014 we came up with an article predicting the winners of The Academy Awards this year. We had divided our predictions into two categories, the Should Wins and the Could Wins. The Should Wins, we felt were...


Dogme95 – A filmmaking movement

In the present world of high tech sci-fi flicks and commercial films with industry professionals and stars, Dogme95 is a film movement of great traditional significance and yet little known about. A great mass of the population would agree if...

Fast and Furious 7

Films to watch in 2014

2014 will see over thousands of movies hitting the screen across the world. But not all are worth watching. And rather impossible to be true. Mostly, this year will be filled with remakes and sequels. Here is a list of...