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I know You will love me never But I vow My love will be forever Though We could not be together

A Race of a loser

A race of a loser

One more day along the world to go, Old days are clinged to me to and fro. Not today but there will be a day, When crowd will call me a star in fey.

Life (Echo verse)

Life (Echo verse)

Who will not stop its work with any try? Echo- I. I am bright and rich in taste. Echo- Might. Make me a challenge or adventure. Echo- Venture. Make me a tear or call me a mess. Echo- Test. I...

Flowers are my..but…(Horatian Ode)

Flowers are my…but…(Horatian Ode)

He said, ‘I can watch your dedication but not your duty’. With tight-lip I stood there making the morning more silent. He said, ‘You love your work because you respect beauty’. In a blub way I resumed with Adam lily...

Eyes crying without tears

Eyes crying without tears

Taboo is the world with utmost rugged. One tyre and one eye still they stroll with swag. Their transfiguration changes my notion. None can replicate their outlook. People fail to realize that they are the true definition of LIFE.

a conversation

A Conversation

I don’t need your words for company Neither do I long for your emails I just need your silence And your shadow trails