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Fear By Yuan Changming


Hidden deeply somewhere In your inner space Is a black hole That keeps sucking in All the light From both within And without your Whole selfhood, until You’re infused

English Idioms Reinvented

English Idioms Reinvented

No life without ‘if’ No malady without a lady No manifestation without man No mason without a son No millionaire without a lion No nirvana without a van No passage without a sage No pharmacy without harm No plant without...

Tied Zero

Tied Zero

Zero: Fill it up with cactus juice, Blood from a finger’s bruise, Semen from an echidna’s winkle, Hair from a glaber’s crinkle, A dash of pollen alloyed in gale, Crushed shell of a willing snail, Sparkling cement from a dead...

A Mother's Ode

A Mother’s Ode

O Lord, Loved ones are precious, but it just seems you couldn’t entitle them live their life hear my prayer, my grieve! for my beloved son and heir… who left for heavenly abode too early.