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Arunav Deka (Deka)

The Rapper Arunav Deka popularly known as Deka

Arunav Deka is a rapper from Assam, being introduced to music at the age of twelve. His inquisitive nature pushed him to experiment with different styles of music with different instruments from Folk to Funk, Jazz to Math Rock. At the...

The Mary Kom

The Magnificent Mary Kom

Last year, while I was in Shillong, I remember watching a procession on the streets of Laitumkhrah; it was for the occasion of Mother Mary feast. There she was – the divine Mother Mary’s figurine being led from one corner...

Painting with both hand

Rabin Bar – An artist par excellence

Painting is an art form that speaks directly to the soul, from the soul of a Painter. Rabin Bar stands for such brilliance. He is famous for sculpting, painting with both hand and leg at the same time, Fabric works,...

An intermediate stage drawing of Bhupen Hazarika

Anil C. Thakuria: A Passionate Artist

Introduction Anil C. Thakuria was born and grew up in a small village near Chhaygaon in south Kamrup. Since his childhood he always liked drawing and sometimes, painting as well. His father was a very versatile person with interests in...