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Event poster for Metropolis '15

Ranjan Engti (Engticode) – An exlusive interview

The name Ranjan Engti (Engticode) is now almost synonymous with the event Metropolis ASIA. He has become a cult hero of sorts for aspiring young creative minds, both in the North East and beyond, organising such vigorous, exciting and ethnic...

The Mary Kom

The Magnificent Mary Kom

Last year, while I was in Shillong, I remember watching a procession on the streets of Laitumkhrah; it was for the occasion of Mother Mary feast. There she was – the divine Mother Mary’s figurine being led from one corner...

Manas Sarkar

Interview with web developer Manas Sarkar

Manas Sarkar is an RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) as well as security consultant and software & web developer. He worked in numerous significant projects. Here in this interview, he talked with us about web development and web security.