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How to create Photoshop Action

How to create Photoshop Action

Actions are like recorders. It can record each and every keystroke you use within Photoshop. First and foremost, it is a time saver feature. Though there are many other time saver features (e.g. Image Processor Script, Auto Color, Auto Tone,...

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How to Make Blurry Picture Clear using Photoshop

Have you ever encountered problems with blurry and hazy images? Do you also have problems of not having any high resolution version of those photographs or images? Well, here I’m going to show you some simple Photoshop tutorials about how...

CSS Border Radius Property – How and Why

CSS Border Radius Property – How and Why

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) now lets you make your sharp corners round and beautiful. Since the border-radius property was included in CSS3, giving corners a round shape has become considerably easier. Before that, we had to make four slices of...

Illustrator Tips #1

10 Amazing Adobe Illustrator Tips #1

Here are few Adobe Illustrator tips and shortcuts exclusively for vector graphic lovers. Whether you are a professional or learner, shortcuts always save our time during work and I’m sure, you really want to know about how to decrease your...