Confessions of a Cross Dresser

This a true story of my real identity, I have shed all my inhibitions, dilemmas, fear and decided to share it on the public platform. Myself Mafiz Ali, Professional Makeup Artist born and brought up in Guwahati. Being a male by birth from birth I never thought that I will climb the ladder of success like women in this glamorous Fashion Industry. When I realized I was attracted towards the same gender and found someone in my real life, who supported me in every way and I was able to accomplish myself as a professional makeup artist. Within a short time span, I made a mark in this competitive industry as a Makeup Artist and all this is definitely possible due to the earnest blessings of all those people who are with me now. Till now I haven’t  come across anyone from the Assam Fashion Industry who has ever taken this bold step to reveal their true identity, accepting themselves in their own skin in the candid manner I did. There are few crossdressers who have done a shoot but they never come in front of people and admit their true identity for fear of being outcast from so call ‘Sanskaari’ but hypocritical society.So, that is the very reason why I took this bold step to publish my pictures in public so that people from Fashion industry believe that we are also not less than anyone and we can do anything when it comes to proving the real us. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nayan Saikia(Photographer) who believed in me and gave wings to my dreams to fly high.


Editorial Staff

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