Create dynamic CSS using PHP If Else Statement

Dynamic CSS Using PHP

Step 5

Now we’ll add an if else statement into our property and declaration of the body.

In the above codes, we’ve added a PHP if else statement which is saying that if $var1 is equal to $var2 then echo this code (background: red;) and else if it is not true then echo this code (background: green;). Pretty much easy, right? So let’s look at our whole codes.

In the above code, the value of $var1 is 5 and the value of $var2 is 7. That means $var1 is not equal to $var2, so our background color should be green.

Conditional CSS using PHP

Yes! It is green.

Now change the value any of the one variable equal to other. For example, let’s make $var1 = 7 and $var2 is already has the value 7. That means now, $var1 = $var2 and as per our condition, our background color should be red now. After making the changes refresh the page and check the background.

Conditional CSS using PHP

Oh! It is red.

So that is how you can make your CSS a dynamic language. And obviously you can call the values of variables from the database in real action. This is just an example of how you can control the CSS using PHP, there are even more possibilities by using this method while developing a web app or website.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and if there is any doubt regarding anything related to this tutorial or you just want to share your thoughts on it please don’t hesitate, use the comment box below.


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