History behind the Ganesh Temple of Latasil

History behind the Ganesh Temple of Latasil
Ganesh Temple of Latasil

The history behind Ganesh Temple, Latasil – The ancient city of Pragjyotishpur, current fast paced upcoming Metropolitan Guwahati is synonymous with holy shrine of ‘Vignaharta’ (one who removes obstacles) in a prime location next to the Gauhati high court.

It attracts devotees to queue up at 4 am with the onset of dawn especially during Ganesh Chaturthi for darshan for their favorite Lord Ganesha. This temple has an interesting history behind it. The story dates back to 1950s when a tender boy named Hali Ram Das(widely known as Kanduraka) from North Lakhimpur made the present Latasil his abode. He discovered an image of Lord Ganesha and started offering daily prayers under a banyan tree. Gradually a small temple was constructed with contribution from locals in the neighbourhood and in 1984 a committee for the temple was formed. On 21st January 2005, the new temple of Lord Ganesha was constructed. Later in the same year, a statue of Kanduraka, who had passed away on May 2005, was installed in the temple premises. The temple is very famous for its mouth-watering Payox(a sweet dish) offered to devotees as blog prasad. Since last few years, 111 kg laddoos have been prepared on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. The temple does charitable contributions and offers financial aid to the poor and needy.


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