How to Setup Batch Processing in Photoshop

photoshop batch processing
photoshop batch processing

Step 4

Go to Destination section and select the destination type as “Folder” from the dropdown.

Step 7

Now you need to select a destination folder where all your final output of files will be saved after the batch processing.

Click on the Choose button and locate your destination folder

Step 8

After selecting the destination folder, right bellow the “Choose” button, you will see a checkbox saying Override Action “Save As” Commands. You need to check this box to avoid the “Save As” part while the Photoshop Action will be applied on the original file and saving it to the destination folder.  But remember, this checkbox depends upon your Photoshop Action, if you’ve not included the “Save” or “Save As” step in your action while you created it, no file will be saved in your destination folder after the completion of batch process.

Step 9

Step 5

After successfully completing the previous steps, this step is the most important part of the process, the File Naming section gives you the full independent to play with the naming of your final output files.

From the first list box, select Document Name and from the second right list box select extension and you may leave rest of the four list boxes blank by selecting None.

Step 10

If you want make your file names to be compatible with Mac OS as well as Unix based OSes, you may check the both option before start the batch processing.

Step 11

Hurrah! Everything is ready to start the Batch Processing by clicking on the OK button sitting on top right corner. But before that, I will suggest you to re-check the whole options from beginning to end to ensure that everything is set properly, specially the Action, Source Folder and Destination Folder.


Batch process is a unique feature of Photoshop with lots of potentiality. You can do lots more things with this feature except just resizing or watermarking the photographs. Play and spend time with it to learn how you can utilize batch process with your day-to-day Photoshop works.


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