It’s all about our choices we make or have them made

It’s all about our choices we make or have them made

The fact that so many graduates in Assam are still unemployed is a serious issue. I believe that taking steps for campus recruitment and organizing job “melas” is not going to help. Merely creating jobs will not help. It is also important that students are allowed to choose their fields of interests. There are many who have no idea about what they kind of job they want to do, and the solution for this is career guidance. There should be career guidance classes in schools and colleges. There should be access to career counsellors for all students and job-seekers.

After matriculation exams, students flock higher educational institutions for admission into the stream of their choice, or their parents’ choice. After two years of higher studies, they embark on a new journey. This time it’s a new and more important journey, a journey the impact of which will last a lifetime. Many students struggle to get admission into the best colleges and universities. Some end up fulfilling the dreams of their parents or that of their own, while some fail to do so. Some end up taking admission for a course they have interest in, or some course that their parents want them to study. Ultimately it’s either about fulfilling one’s dream or living someone else’s dream.

No matter what, most of the students manage to complete their graduation and then post graduation successfully. Then comes the most dreaded part – getting a job! Among the ones who manage to get jobs, not all are satisfied with the work. Again among these bunch of people, some wish they were into some other profession, and some wish they had listened to their hearts rather than listening to their families.

Choosing a profession is about choosing a life. There are many things in life which we just happen to have just by chance, or because nature has wanted it to be so; these are things we don’t have a choice for. These are certain things we have to live with, even if we don’t want to. We cannot choose our parents, we cannot choose our physical features, but we can choose a way of living our lives. For a life that we can truly call ours, we might have to struggle a lot, break a few hearts, put our relatives into ‘shame’, feel ignored and above all, feel lost and alone. But where there is a will, there is a way. Being afraid of failure or rejection will take us nowhere, we have to stand up for our interests, for a life we deserve to live in our own way.

Let’s just hope that the future generation of the nation, on which there are many expectations and hopes, will choose the right path for themselves so that they can shine and reach the heights of success, and be happy with their work. The happier they are with their career, the better they can work. The more productive they are, they more the country will develop.


Ruptrishna Nath

Student of media technologies, hobbyist photographer and writer. Sub-editor of Creativica (Your place will always be reserved on Creativica forever. R.I.P.).

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