Jhulan Krishna Mahanta’s next film Nadi Mathu Boi – Song of the River

Nadi Mathu Boi

Cinema has enriched us in many ways, entertainment remaining one of the prominent ones. Recently, we have witnessed many fresh maneuvers in Assamese film industry, many new faces, as directors, coming into limelight, creating stories which speak of some reality rather than fictitious family dramas. Director Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, in his next film Nadi Mathu Boi – Song of the River, has come up with a story which itself is set on a documentary film making, a story which sheds light on a wide range of film attire which the Assamese audience has probably not witnessed before.

The Plot

Some friends – a writer, a photo journalist, a filmmaker, an artist along with a group of dancers and musicians start a journey from the world’s smallest to the largest inhabited river island; Umananda To Majuli in a ship. Mr. Jhulan Krishna Mahanta has based his fictional story on a real story of 15 years of friendship. Chronicling a journey through a flowing river, it tells you a story which is actually inspired from Sloane Crosley, the author of the collections of essays ‘I Was Told There’d Be Cake’ and ‘How Did You Get This Number’ who, incidentally, once remarked, ‘I thought I was going to write fiction but I fell backwards into non-fiction’ .

A journey which is suppose to culminate in dream projects like a feature documentary, a travel story, a music video, photography and painting exhibitions etc.

During the ship journey there are critical situations to overcome interspersed with some good times, creating an exciting and adventurous journey.

Mr. Mahanta had already won some awards for both music and documentary films and this is going to be his first feature film as a debutant. The casting of Nadi Mathu Boi – Song of the River, has also given us new faces like Sandhya Hazarika, Annaya Dutta, Antareepa Bora, Nabamallika Bhagwati, Shiva Sonwal, Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, Sourav Mahanta, Animesh Gogoi, Dharmajyoti Boruah, Ratna Das, Sudipta Dutta, Bhaskarjya Choudhury, Montu Bhuyan and Kasturi Barbaruah.

Music has been arranged by Sourav Mahanta, script by Dharmajyoti Baruah, Rontu and Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, Choreography by Upasasna Mahanta. The movie has been produceed by Jayashree Mahanta.


Prasenjit Deb

Freelance photographer, writer and a student of mass communication. Writer & Interviewer at Creativica.

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