Limitless Beauty

Limitless Bueaty

You got stars on your skin
And snowflakes in your dream.
Your eyes, the glistening sparkles upon the meandering morning stream… Turning into waterfalls when the night sky screams… 
Your lips sealed with the waves of enigma pulsating down through the wires of your vine;
Over the spilled wine;
My kisses splash into the depth of your soul, 
Forging through the webs of poetry knitted into unspoken words…. 
And break the cacophony of your silence 
Melted in the warmth of my hug… 
A distant fifth on a piano 
Metronomes with every heart beat of mine… 
Begging time… 
To make this moment worth
A thousand forever looped within rhythm and rhyme…. 
You are a portrait of limitless beauty 
Painted with feeble strokes of an aged reality.


By Sankuraj Konwar


Editorial Staff

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