Movie Review: Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Diamond robbery and revenge seems to be the latest fixation of Bollywood. Happy New Year is just a byproduct of it. Star power and the power of money have been fully utilized in the film. In this Manoj Kumar meets Ocean’s Eleven, director Farah Khan has left no stone unturned to make her film entertaining and commercially viable. The film does make you laugh at various instances but whenever it goes off track the element of patriotism creeps in. The word India/Indiawaale has been used hundreds of times to emotionally manipulate the audience to connect with the film.

The music suits the crux of the film but however it’s the performances that towers above everything else. Shah Rukh Khan holds the court with a lot of gravity and Deepika is the perfect queen bee material. Abhishek Bachchan exudes bundles of energy in his double role. The rest of the cast is more or less ok.

Final Verdict

You know what territory you are entering into when you decides to watch a Farah Khan film, so if the film doesn’t turn out to be as per your expectations then it’s your fault after all. There is a line in the film which goes, ‘haaro to haaro par ijjat mat utaro’. There’s no doubt that the film will rake in the moolah at the box office but I am not so sure about the ‘ijjat’ thing.


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