Movie Review – Tubelight

movie review tubelight

Director-Actor duo, Kabir Khan, and Salman Khan once again frame a magical flick, ‘Tubelight’ that has actually turned into a complete letdown. It might gross another 200-300 Crores marking in massive Box Office success but, the critics have panned it. It’s the remake of an American film ‘Little Boy’. Set in the backdrop of 1962 Sino-Indian War, the plot revolves around the two brothers, Laxman (Salman Khan) and Bharat (Sohail Khan) and their brotherhood. Several substances of love, brotherhood, self-belief, nationalism, moral lessons of Gandhian Principles and issues like racism and widespread discrimination have been addressed but the film squanders and fails to leave an impact.

Salman Khan as a slow-witted but endearing fellow, Laxman is the only standout. He doesn’t let his grip loose any time in each frame. His chemistry with real life brother Sohail on screen is endearing. Sohail Khan as Bharat falls flat at times which makes it an average performance. Shah Rukh Khan in his cameo was noteworthy. It was good to see both the Khans on a single frame after a brief hiatus. Chinese actor, Zhu Zhu is one of the significant sidelines, though slightly built. Child actor Matin Ray Tangu is extremely cute. Some of the moments shared between Laxman and the little boy, is an absolute natural and beautiful. The supporting cast, which includes the late Om Puri, as a father-figure to the brothers is solid. It was really nice to see Om Puri in his last filmed performance. Zeeshan Ayyub as a local hothead, Narayan is a natural at his work and Yashpal Sharma as the Major proves to be good supporting cast but the script fails to utilize their characters at a large. 

The USP of the film is Salman’s act and first-rate camera work. Major loopholes are its screenplay, treatment, music, and lack of emotional contact. The screenplay has a lot of flaws. The plot seems to have lost in the maze while looking for a purpose. The whole war sequence needs more screen time.  It fails to grip the viewers whereas, the music is average. The cinematography is praiseworthy capturing the picturesque Ladakh. Be it the hill station or the ambiance created by its nature’s fresh dressing, every element is eye relishing. 

On the whole, ”Tubelight’ is well-intentioned film loaded with an array of emotion and a heart touching message. But sadly, amidst long stretches of blandness and bad execution, the effect fades away.


Arindam Barooah

Arindam Barooah is from Duliajan and presently lives in Guwahati for the purpose of work. He is an avid reader and an aspiring filmmaker who wants to shape dreams into reality.

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