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Designing has caught a wildfire in India and it is evident from the youth of today fighting the odds and conventional career choices, moving away from home to try out their creative self. But one such guy rather chose to stay back home and use his ideas for popularizing our North-Eastern region. Meet Arpit Agarwal of NEST – the designer, who along with his skilled team is developing a wide range of products glamorizing the culture of this region.

Hello Arpit Agarwal! Creativica welcomes you!

Hi. Thank you so much.

Give us a little insight into Arpit Agarwal and his dreams..

I am a Lifestyle product and accessory designer who likes traveling and sports. I don’t have any real dreams; I try to take it as it comes. I try not to plan or dream far ahead in the future. Only dream I could think of is to give my best in whatever I do.

What inspired you to take up this path as a career..tell us about this journey..

Coming from a business family, taking up design as a career was never in my mind. Only when I went to Delhi after 10th for further studies I realized that there existed a career in design too. A cliché that I could draw, paint and an inspiring friend persuaded me to try my luck.

India is a country of diverse culture and beauty. Why ‘NEst’ of all the places?

A common notion exists that north-east is about terrorism, insurgencies and floods etc. People keep talking about its natural splendor, landscapes etc. and have an assumption that north-east is like a paradise on earth. But very few actually come to this part of the world to experience it on their own. At NESTby Arpit Agarwal,our effort is to take inspiration from cultural symbols of NE, its diverse fauna, flora etc. and use the local resources wherever possible, to take NE to India and rest of the world. The feedback such as“we never thought that North-East was so beautiful” keep us motivated and we at NEST feel that this is what we are trying to do; make people learn about the little known essence of the region through our creations.

Products those are available at NEst stores.

Products those are available at NEst stores.

Do introduce us to your team and products..

We generally have interns on board from various design institutes in India. Our product range includes stationery items such as notebooks and bookmarks, lifestyle products like mugs, coasters, souvenirs such as posters, key rings, fridge magnets and badges. We gradually plan to expand the product range further.

What do you sum up about the importance of this northeastern region from your stream of customers?

People are curious to visit the place than ever before and people who already have been here are happy to buy our products as memories or as gifts for their loved ones.

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

There is no particular designer that inspired me. I draw inspirations from travelling and whatever I see around. Especially anything that is North-East Indian.


Volunteers and team members at Metropolis 2015

Where do you see NEst by Arpit Agarwal after 10 years?

Currently we have products like notebooks, coffee-mugs, coasters, key-chains, bookmarks that have graphic elements inspired by symbols and motifs of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh and will steadily work on all the eight states of north-east. Most of the products come with a description about the inspiration; something we are optimistic that it encourages the buyers to take further interest in the region. We would gradually in the future work on various other unknown aspects of north-east like crafts, motifs, textiles, bamboo, use local resources as much as possible to create newer and better products. We sell our products through various stores across Assam and India and also participate in exhibitions once in a while. 10 years down the line we hope to establish NEST by Arpit Agarwal as a brand that symbolizes north-east, its culture, craft and people.

Can you show us your personal favourite design?

Assamese women fishing

Assamese women fishing

Your word of advice to aspiring artists and designers?

 I would say just go for it. There is a lot of scope for design as a career in India as it is still at the nascent stage. People need to know that design is just not about fashion design; there are many more fields to be explored, like products, graphics, film etc. Design is still not accepted as a mainstream career in India by many, one needs to really be passionate and determined to follow it and be ready to face the odds.

Thank you! Creativica wishes you and your team all the very best!

Thanks a lot for the opportunity and we wish success and luck to everyone at Creativica.


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