Pranjal Medhi from Daksha Band – An Exclusive Interview

Pranjal Medhi from Daksha Band
Pranjal Medhi from Daksha Band

Pranjal Medhi, a cool person and a devotee of the music. He was the winner of the singing show Jhankar which was telecasted in channel Rang. Even though Pranjal wasn’t from any musical background family, he challenged his barrier and chooses to be a singer. Now he has his own band and performs all over the India. Here is what he says about his successful musical career –

Hello Pranjal, Creativica welcomes you.

Thank you very much!

Pranjal, tell us about your musical journey so far.

Well, if you ask about my musical journey, then (laugh) I would say, “there was no one in our family from a musical background, my father was a professor, my elder brother was a cricketer even myself, I was deeply into cricket. I used to sing in our annual functions during my school and college days. My friends always praised my voice and encouraged me. I never thought that I‘d choose to sing as my career. I was a science student, like others I was also career oriented. There was a show called ‘Jhankar’ in Rang channel, Saregama fame Debojit Saha was the anchor, Bornali baa was the judge of that show. For the first time, I had to face live cameras during the audition and after 3 months, I was finally the winner of that show among more than thousand contestants. It was really a wonderful moment of my life. After being announced as the winner from so many other performers who were equally talented, that moment, that happiness, I’ll never forget. Then subsequently many projects came into my belt and I started to record for albums. Later, I moved to Mumbai with a bright aspect to shine in the industry of music with a lot of confidence and positivity.

Can you tell us how did you come up with an idea of having a band?

Well, I met Himangshu in Mumbai. He is a bassist in our Daksha Band. We did many jams together and decided to form an Assamese Band for spreading the rock music. Then we met Dishankan and Simanta and finally we formed the band Daksha. We tried many genres, tried to sing Bihu in different styles, we love to experiment with music and we did it. We did many college shows, corporate shows, university shows etc.  We’d launched our first video album ‘Abhimaan’ and right after that, we received an invitation from MTV Indies for a project. We’re happy with our decision to form a band.

As the lead singer of the band, would you like to introduce us with the other band members?

Sure! why not! (laugh).

As I already mentioned, Himangshu Bora is the bassist of our band, he is from a metal background. He was also nominated for the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013. Then we have our guitarist Dishankan Baruah, he was also the nominee at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013 with the metal band “Rectified Spirit” and drummer Simanta Choudhury is the first ever Meinl Cymbals endorsee from Northeast India Region. The magnificent drummer was also a part of the Doorstep Casket band, which won the Beach Festival in the year 2011.

What are your upcoming projects?

Well, our group is going to meet on 7th November at Rinza, we have a show there and many shows are lined up too. Our basic focus is to promote our debut album “Voice for a Change”.

At the present, I personally have few projects from Assamese film industry with Diganta Sharma which I can’t disclose now.

So, how is the Mumbai for a musician?

It’s great obviously. Mumbai is a different place; I have been in Mumbai since last two and half years. It treats you differently; it teaches you how to judge yourself. The music industry is very professional in Mumbai. It is very different from rest of the music industries in India. If you are good, you are in and if you are not, then you know what I mean (giggle).

Any plans for playback in Bollywood?

Bollywood (giggle)! Upcoming movie “Love In Dream”, ‘Jahanasib’ and there are few more movies where I gave my voice, but presently I’m focusing more on my debut album.

Thanks Pranjal for giving us your valuable time.

Thank you too for having me here.


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