Rum Vodka Whisky – A New Annexation To Assamese Film Industry

Rum Vodka and Whiskey

Rum Vodka Whisky is a new annexation to Assamese film industry directed by Prasant Saikia, an energetic and dynamic film lover. According to the director, Rum Vodka Whisky is an experimental cocktail of romance, drama, and comedy, which may demarcate the film lovers mind deeply. The movie traces the life-changing experiences of three friends in three separate stories. The first story shows about Rupam’s chance encounter with Anamika, which changes his life in ways he did not anticipate, leaving behind some unanswerable questions of loss and grief. The next story narrates the struggle of life of a businessman Debasish Baruah. He abused his health by drinking too much an extent that his doctor had advised him to take a vacation at a mysterious home (Ashram) which was famous for its treatment. The third story in a peculiar and very clever departure from the deep-seated nature of the previous ones. Running through a filter of quirky comedy, it revolves around the life of a young, energetic and ambitious boy, Bikram, who falls in love of Ankita, but destiny had something else planned for him.

Rum Vodka Whisky carries a possibility of spreading the attraction to Assamese movies among the audience, which was produced by Akash Garg under the banner of Veena Internationals. One needn’t literally to taste rum, vodka or whisky either to enjoy this lucid and weirdly funny film. Although light-hearted on the outside, Rum, Vodka, Whisky is deep at its heart. The three stories deal with different, perspective of love, desire, lust, and heartbreak. Blending a genuinely fragile concept with whimsical humour and tidbits of philosophy, director Prasant Saikia along with the writers Pradyut Kumar Deka and Rajdweep had crafted a stylish movie which is unfortunately limited in its own scope. This 103 minutes movie is not about the plot or its tricks. It is about the extraordinarily amazing characters and the atmosphere they inhabit. At all, Rum Vodka Whisky is an ambitious and daring attempt by the team led by Prasant Saikia. The movie is introduced a fresh and strange style of cinema to the audiences of the region. Tridip Basumatary contributed the movie as music director and Papu Deka performed the cinematography. The film was edited by Abhijit Roy and Hirakjyoti Pathak. The actors and actresses of the movie are Hiranya Das, Queen Hazarika, Udayan Duwarah, Priyanka Bhargav, Moon Rajib, Durgashri Borah, Rupam Baruah, Prakash Medhi, Ananta Sarania fit perfectly into their characters. At all, it’s a noble contribution to Assamese film industry by Prasant Saikia.



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