Sourav Mahanta – The New Singing Sensation of Assam

Sourav Mahanta
Sourav Mahanta

Dedication and love to music gave birth to many singers from this part of India. Sourav Mahanta is a dedicated, diligent singer, musician, music composer of The Assamese music industry. Born in an Assamese cultural family, his mother Smt. Dulari Mahanta is one of the most proficient singers of her time. She inspired Sourav to get involved with the musical world since he was all of six. Both his Parents initiated him in the music field, giving him the mini keyboard Synthesizer, Harmonium, Tabla and Mouthorgan in his teen age.

Sangeet Nipun Guru Khagendra Mohan Goswami was his first guru of Tabla. Later he went to Guru Damodar Borah for classical vocal talim, and for other traditional folk music of Assam, he went to Sangeet Chiromoni Guru, Ananda Mohan Bhagawati (former Director of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Assam, Hon. Director, Institute of Assamese Dance) and Sangeet Bhushan Guru Kesavananda Deva Goswami (Recipient of Sankar Dev Award, Sahitya Academy, former Prof & head deptt of Assamese, Dibrugarh University). Further, he acquired knowledge about the traditional instrument Khol from Guru Gobinda Mahanta (Bor Bayan, the founder principal of Sattriya Sangeet Vidyalay, Assam).

Apart from Hindustani and Assamese folk music, he is also well versed in Western Classical theory and learned playing the Guitar and the Piano at Shillong School of Music under Trinity Guide Hall, London. His recent projects were:

  1. Film Anuradha music arrangement in 3 songs including Papon’s Boi Jua and Vocals for 2 songs (Anuradha title song and Boi Jua version 2).
  2. Entire Background score and title song (including Vocals) for TV serial Sobi for the channel Rengoni.
  3. Few Upcoming Albums
    • “Mur ‘Nostalgia’ bur”
    • “Anishar Anuraag”
    • “Tune of Indus Valley” (Instrumental audio CD)
    • One Untitled Solo Album (on process)
    • 2 more untitled albums in association with others.

Sourav worked as Music Director for award winning short films and also acclaimed award as Music Director name as such

    • Serendipity
    • Bibhranta Electron
    • The Silent Darkness
    • Bond
    • Song of the Mountain
    • Mystical Grass

Associated with Production Houses

    • Shristi Audio & Shristi an innovation.
    • Prastuti Parasar’s production ‘Simfony‘.

Presently working on few upcoming untitled TV serial and feature films which is certain to reach and win hearts of the audience.


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