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5 reasons why you should shop at OSOM

I’m not an official promoter of OSOM wear nor do I gain anything by putting this article up. It is only after buying my third product from them, that I felt truly obliged to let everyone know why OSOM should...

How Independent Are You?

How Independent Are You?

It is the 68th Independence Day of India. Doordarshan TV will broadcast the regular ceremony and many will miss it again (due to sleep). Probably Google will dedicate a Doodle. People have already changed their WhatsApp profile picture. But still...

India Superbike Festival 2014

India Superbike Festival 2014

Suvonkar Bashak belongs to Guwahati  and is currently based in Bangalore. He works as a Senior SAP Consultant in a European MNC Software Company. He loves taking photographs and has recently started exploring the art with his Canon 600D.

Sacrifice knows no limit.

10 facts about a Saas-Bahu serial

The most disastrous turn that Indian television took was, when they decided to never end a serial and extend it with spicy plots and keep TRPs and wallets heavy. The following article plans to point out some of the characteristic...

The Art Of Being Confused

“Don’t be afraid to be confused.” said George Saunders. And confusion here isn’t synonymous with indecision. Confusion means Curiosity and Curiosity means Questions. I have always believed that the biggest advantage of being a human is our ability to question....