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Beginner PHP Tutorial

Beginner PHP Tutorial

Introduction In this beginner’s guide to PHP, we will cover some of the syntax and foundations of PHP and in the end we will create a small application that will insert data into a database using an HTML form and...

Responsive Table in Bootstrap

How to make Responsive Table in Bootstrap

Whenever the word Responsive comes to my mind, I think about Bootstrap.  It has completely changed our perception in the field of responsive website layouts. The latest version of Bootstrap is solely devoted to mobile first layouts and that makes...

Learn CSS3 Text Shadow in Three Steps

Learn CSS3 Text Shadow in Three Steps

The text-shadow property is an amazing feature of CSS. It was introduced in CSS version 2.0 (i.e. CSS2) but removed from the version 2.1 because none of the browsers added the text-shadow rendering feature into them. Later on, in CSS...

photoshop batch processing

How to Setup Batch Processing in Photoshop

Batch Processing is really an amazing feature of Photoshop. It is fully an automated process once you set it up properly. Batch processing is actually used on large numbers of files while you need to do a specific kind of...