Tulika Das – An interview with the new sensation of the music industry

Tulika Das
Tulika Das

Tulika Das is an emerging singer as well as dancer and actress from Assam with lots of potential to go beyond the boundaries of North East India. Recently, she launched her debut album which was a great hit among the listeners as well as the music industry and critics. The album has also won an award. During the talk, she unveils about her upcoming projects, inspirations and how hard she has worked to achieve success.

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Hello Tulika, Creativica welcomes you!

Thank you so much for making me a part of Creativica and I am glad to feature in your magazine.

Tell us about Tulika Das, the little girl who grew up to be a singer!

I am trained in Indian Classical Music Under Bhatkhande, Lucknow. I completed B-muse in 2008 and I’m doing my M-muse right now. I’ve sung in various stage Musical shows and I started my career from a very small age. As a kid, before getting into music classes, I learned Music from my father Sri Khargeswar Das, who taught me various reputed songs of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Bhupen Hazarika, etc. I sang a song called “Dayal Thakur” in a Bhakti audio album “Aradhana”and a song called “Surojugamiya” in an album called “Surojugamiya” dedicated to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, a Music24 Creation. During my schooling, I participated in various musical competitions and won prizes as well. I was known as a Singer in school and in college too, where teachers and faculties appreciated me a lot.

Your education?

I Completed my schooling from Glacier English Medium School , Noonmati. Then I studied Science in Higher Secondary from Guwahati College, Bamunimaidan. I completed my Degree from Guwahati College and studied Zoology (Major) and also studied Software Engineering (BSc.IT + GNIIT) from NIIT under Kuvempu University.

Are you also a dancer apart from being a singer? Because we’ve seen you act in one of your own music video.

Yes, I am a dancer too. It’s another passion of mine, apart from Singing. Well, I was a Choreographer and a Modern Dance teacher. I had opened a dance school “Step Up Dance Academy” before starting my album.

Tell us about your experience with your first music album. Do you have any future plans of becoming an actress?

My Debut Music Album “Tulika” was a great experience and it’s still not over as the project is still not completed. “Tulika” contains 6 songs both in Assamese and Hindi versions adding up to a total of 12 songs. Out of which my first Music Video song “Ki Janu/Na Janu” was released in 2013 November under KD Production. My Music Director Papu Gogoi(Papz), did a fantastic job composing and arranging the songs. This song was written by Bijit Tamuly (Assamese version) and Sumeet Acharya (Hindi version). Recorded in the Orange Studio and mixed by Nabajyoti Medhi. The video was Directed by Deepak Dey , cinematography by Krishna Shah, edited by Moni Rajkonwar. I sang, danced and acted as well. I don’t really have any future plans of becoming an actress but if there’s an opportunity, I would definitely love to go further.

Album cover of Tulika

Album cover of Tulika

What and who inspired you the most in your career?

As told earlier, my inspiration was my father and my mother too as they both taught me the value of Music and moreover I love this field, always had the dream of being a professional singer and I enjoy it when I am with Music.

Who are your favorite singers and musicians?

Individually I can’t really say who my favourite Singers and Musicians are as everyone has their own uniqueness, so it’s hard for me to choose a couple. But yes definitely I follow a lot of people like Bhupen Hazarika, Zubeen Garg, Papon, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Taylor Swift , Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Avril, etc.

Tell us about your work profile as well as achievements.

I am right now working for some new songs for my album “Tulika” which are yet to be released. My 2nd Music video will soon be releasing. This song is written by Leeyanca and me ( Assamese version) and Sumeet Acharya (Hindi version). About my achievements, I am glad to share with Creativica that my first Music Video “Ki Janu/Na Janu” has been awarded as the Ramdhenu Viewers Choice Award for Best Music Video of the year, 2013 by Ramdhenu Channel.

What is your biggest dream regarding singing and how close are you to realizing it?

Well, my biggest dream is to sing for Bollywood and I want to hopefully go International as well. I can’t really say how near I am to my dream as I love my work and am working very hard and passionately.

How do you think that the Bollywood music industry and the music industry of north east India differ from each other?

The Bollywood Music Industry and the Music Industry of North East isn’t that different but peoples are. Here we’ve got lack of commitments, lack of punctuality, lack of proper budgets, etc. Bollywood Industry is popular because people work really hard there and Mumbai is a fast city. If people from the North East industry get more serious about their work, we can go a lot further as well.

About your upcoming projects?

I have mentioned above that my new music video will be releasing soon and I will update if I do any new project in the future. Right now, I am totally busy with my album’s work and with two/three different projects.

Thank you for giving us your valuable time. Creativica wishes you all the best and plenty of success for years to come!

Thank you so much Creativica!


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