UNB’s debut EP “Out Loud” is now available for fans

UNB's debut EP Out Loud is now available online

UNB’s debut EP Out Loud is now available online. The album can be streamed on Youtube and Soundcloud. Fans can also officially download the EP from Indihut.In his debut EP, he intends to reach new horizons of making music and expressing the inexpressible through songs which he knows best.

The 4 track EP features guest artists like Anisha, Denzo Boi and Kiddi saying – 

I want to try new things with this album, going beyond my comfort zone and doing something creative with these artists is inspiring to witness and they are the best collaborators you would ever wish for. I am humbled, and I must say that it was very informative too.  

 All tracks were produced, mix and mastered by Ugen Bhutia himself.


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