The Ambience

The Ambience

There was serenity in the ambience. The returning fleet of birds told the story of homecoming. The sun slowly lied down on the lap of mother earth, Portraying the oneness of nature.

Can I have a wish

Can I Have A Wish?

Wish is a word which has a special place in every individual ‘s casket where each one keeps his or her desires. Every individual has a different sphere of expectations in his different stage of the lifecycle. Each one has...

My Spirit

My Spirit

If I close my eyes and focus, I can experience my inner soul. One summer day I went to the pleasantly cool forest of pine.

Slumber Denied

Slumber, Denied

In between, The preserved water in a vase And two eyes containing the effortlessness of lakes Lay an address, afflicted and eternal.

Village Rockstars Revisited

Village Rockstars Revisited – A Review

I felt apprehensive about going to revisit some of my early days at my village where I spent my childhood. But that did not happen until I decided to go to watch “Village Rockstars”. The other day my family was...

Tell Me A Poem by Sushma Saha

Tell Me

Tears rolling down, You say why? Memories breaking by, You know why? Heartbeat racing up, don’t tell me why, Because I loved you once in a while.